Sugar Free Apple Crumble Recipe

Sugar & Dairy Free Apple Crumble

As my husband is diabetic, I am always trying to find nice low sugar desserts that he can have. So today I made it my mission to come up with a decent sugar free apple crumble recipe! Well I say sugar free, but I suppose it should really say it has no sugar added to…

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Chocolate Vegan Tiffin Recipe (UK)

Vegan Chocolate Tiffin

This Vegan Chocolate Tiffin recipe is quick, easy and soooooooo tasty! In fact I’m actually starting to regret making this one as the chances of me eating the whole tray are very real! Also if you aren’t a vegan, don’t be put off by the fact that this recipe is vegan, as I can positively…

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Realistic Edible Blood Tutorial

I often get asked how I make the realistic fake blood I use on on my Halloween cupcakes, so I thought i’d make a quick tutorial. It’s super easy and all you’ll need is some liquid glucose, red gel food colour & cocoa powder.

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Super Simple Flavoured Fondant

Often when I’m making cakes or cupcakes with a lot of fondant, I like to flavour it so the sugary sweet fondant taste doesn’t overpower the flavour of the cake. It’s incredibly easy to do and can make a big difference to the overall taste. I like to use Foodie Flavours for my fondant as…

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40 Second Rainbow Meringues

We all know it takes hours to make meringues, so these 40 second cheat meringues are perfect when you just want something quick, easy and fun for the kids! They don’t have quite the same texture as proper meringues and you can’t create perfectly shaped swirls with them, but unlike regular meringues you don’t need…

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Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Swiss Meringue Buttercream recipe and tutorial

Swiss Meringue Buttercream is different to your standard icing sugar and butter buttercream. It is silky smooth and creamy and almost white in colour, making it perfect for wedding cupcakes and special occasions. It is made by whipping egg white up like meringue, but whilst it is a bit more complicated than making standard buttercream,…

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Rice Krispie Treat (RKT) Cake Toppers

Rice Krispie Treats

Sometimes when you’re making a celebration cake you might want to feature a large object on top of the cake, or have part of the cake in a specific shape that would be very hard or unstable if carved from cake.   In these situations it’s not ideal to make a very large topper from…

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