Rice Krispie Treat (RKT) Cake Toppers

Sometimes when you’re making a celebration cake you might want to feature a large object on top of the cake, or have part of the cake in a specific shape that would be very hard or unstable if carved from cake.  

In these situations it’s not ideal to make a very large topper from solid fondant for a number of reasons. It will be very heavy and may crush the cake underneath, large lumps of fondant take a loooooong time to dry and set hard and it can also be quite expensive. This is where Rice Krispie Treats come in!

I don’t know who first came up with the idea of using RKT for cake toppers, but they most definitely deserve a medal! They are cheap and easy to make and brilliant for making large edible toppers!

I recently used RKT to make my own kid’s birthday cakes as they wanted to be able to keep the toppers. 

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Whilst making the camera cake I made a very basic tutorial for RKT. I made the shape of the camera simply by molding the RKT into the basic shape of the camera and adding fondant to perfect the shape, but RKT can also very easily be carved once they have been chilled and are solid.

The recipe I use is: 200g Marshmallows, 50g Butter/Stork & 160g Rice Krispies.