Vegan Mince Pies

These vegan mince pies are a must for any Christmas party! Small and perfectly formed they are just as delicious as regular mince pies.

Most mincemeat is vegan, but always check the label thoroughly as they may not be!

vegan mince pies collage

Vegan Mince Pie Recipe

Cook Time: 20 minutes
Author: Sarah Sibley


  • 175 g Plain Flour + extra for rolling out
  • 50 g Icing Sugar + extra for dusting
  • 100 g Stork Baking Block + extra for greasing
  • 12 tsp approx 225g Vegan Mincemeat


  • Place the flour & icing sugar into a large bowl and mix together.
  • Add the chilled, cubed Stork block and rub together until it resembles breadcrumbs.
  • Gather the breadcrumbs together and squeeze into a smooth ball.
  • Wrap in clingfilm or a small bag and place in the fridge to chill for 15mins.
  • Whilst the pastry chills, grease a 12 hole shallow tart tray.
  • When the pastry is chilled, roll it out to around 5mm thick on a lightly dusted surface.
  • Using a 7cm fluted cutter, cut out 12 rounds and gently press them into the greased tray.
  • Then place a teaspoon of mincemeat into the middle of each of the pies.
  • Roll out the remaining pastry and cut out 12x 5cm stars.
  • Place one of the stars on each of the pies and then place the tray in the fridge to chill for another 15mins.
  • Whilst the pies chill, pre-heat the oven to 200/180fan/GM6.
  • After 15mins, remove the tray from the fridge and place in the oven for 10mins.
  • After 10mins lower the temperature down to 180/160fan/GM4 and bake for a further 10mins.
  • As soon as they come out of the oven, use a spoon to gently prize the pies out of the tray and place them on a wire rack.
  • Lightly dust them with icing sugar and serve hot or cold.
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