Interview – Rose Macefield

rose superman v batmanRose Macefield is a multi-award winning cake Artist, Author, International Tutor and Cake International judge. Since decorating her first cake in 2007, Rose has racked up an impressive list of awards for her cakes including Overall Best in Show at Cake International in 2013 and the Cake Masters award for Overall Best in Show in 2014. Since Rose stopped competing at Cake International and became a judge, she has created two huge features at the show, ‘Jurassic Cake’, which featured a huge dinosaur sculpture & most recently ‘Batman v Superman‘.  

As well as making cakes Rose also regularly contributes articles and tutorials to magazines, and websites including Cake Craft & Decoration Magazine, Pretty Witty Cakes and Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School as well as writing her own book, ‘Sensational Sculpted Cakes’. 

Rose also has a shop in Coseley, West Midlands where she and her team create show stopping celebration cakes and sell cake supplies and decorating equipment.

Sensational Sculpted CakesYou put your first book, ‘Sensational Sculpted Cakes’ out this year, how was that experience?
It was released in March and I must say the experience has been the highlight of my career so far. I have two passions in life, cake and writing. I am very passionate about writing; I am currently studying towards an English Literature and Creative Writing degree so the opportunity to publish my first book was amazing and especially a Sculpted Cakes book.

You are also a judge at Cake International now, what’s that like having been a competitor for so many years?
I am thrilled to be able to judge, I find it very rewarding., not only does it give me the opportunity to continue to be part of the competitions but it also offers me the opportunity to give valuable advice to new competitors to help them with their own competition journey.

Do you miss competing?
Yes, I miss the thrill of it very much but now I get excited in a different way. I love to see the reaction of the competitors when they have achieved an award, so instead of getting excited for myself I now get excited for the competitors.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone who’s thinking about entering one of the CI competitions for the first time?
The best piece of advice I can give is ‘give yourself enough time’. I have on many occasions struggled or rushed to finish an entry because I didn’t start it early enough, this has always led to me receiving a lower result.

catch of the day cakeWhat’s your favourite cake you’ve ever made and why?
I would have to say the fishing basket ‘Catch of the day’ this cake won be Best in show at CI 2013 and Best in show at Cake Masters Awards 2014 and it also opened several doors to other opportunities. I am very proud of this cake.

Sculpted cakes are your speciality, what tips would you give anyone who’s never attempted one before but wants to give it a go?
I would advise them to buy my book as it gives the reader so many tips and ideas when attempting to create sculpted novelty cakes. I would also advise that they have lots of visual aids of the subject before they start.

dresden toolWhat is the one decorating tool or piece of equipment that you couldn’t live without?
My Dresden tool! This little tool is a god send, without it I could not create most of the textures required in cake sculpting.

What have you got planned next?
In November I will be revealing another feature, Fantastic Beasts. I have chosen this subject due to my love of Harry Potter and the wizarding world, also the new film ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’ is released in November this year, I will be creating several edible figurines of magical beasts. 

rose macefield classI will continue to be offering classes and workshops in my School of Sugarcraft and I will also be launching my own online tutorials very soon, I hope to reach those who cannot make it to class.

Rose’s book can be ordered from her website for just £14.99, and below is a quick preview of what’s inside!

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