Cake International London April 2017 – Including ALL of the Competition Cakes!!!

This weekend Cake International arrived at Alexandra Palace in North London, for the second Spring show! Unlike the NEC shows, the show isn’t open to the public on Friday, apart from the dropping off of competition pieces. The entries are then judged on Friday and the award cards are put out on Saturday morning just before the show opens.

As usual, it was a fun packed weekend for me! On Saturday I got to catch up with some cake friends, got to have a good look around the show and then did a cupcake demo on the Cake International Magazine stand as well as my ‘Cupcake Masterclass’ in Theatre B. Then on Sunday I spent the day playing with pretty dusts on the Magic Colours stand before doing another demo on the magazine stand.

The highlight of this year’s show would have to be the amazing ‘Wedding Gowns Through the Ages’ collaboration, put together by Mish Pattinson & Planet Fluff. It featured a host of amazing cake artists’ wedding dress inspired cakes, including a life-size sugar dress made by the super talented Emma Jayne!

Wedding Gowns Through the Ages – Click here for more pics 

Cake International magazine also had a fab collection of cakes made by featured artists, including my own ‘Bon Appetit’ cupcakes, ‘Thank You Teacher’ cupcakes and ‘Mr & Mr’ wedding cake from the current issue.

Cake International Magazine Display – Click here for more pics 

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There was of course also various stands exhibiting including the brilliant Molly Robbins, Rose Macefield & Queen of HeartsClick here for more pics 

And as per usual I took pics of all of the entries. Apologies that the quality of some of the pics isn’t great, I had some camera issues 🙁 If the pic of your cake is on there and is one of the dodgy ones, feel free to send me a replacement and I will upload it.

Click on the links below to view all of the entries in that class:

Class A – International Class
Class B – Floral Display
Class C – Fantasy Flowers
Class D – Celebration Cake for a Special Occasion
Class E – Novelty Cake
Class F – Carved Novelty Cake
Class G – Cake Collaborations
Class H – Decorative Exhibit
Class J – Small Decorative Exhibit
Class K – Pushing the Boundaries
Class L – Wedding Cake of Three or More Tiers
Class M – Hats and Fascinators
Class N – Cup Cake Class – Not Tasted
Class O – Cup Cake Class – Tasted
Class P – Decorated Celebration Cake – Student Class
Class Q – Junior Decorative Exhibit – Under 16 Years
Class R – Birthday Cake – Under 9 Years
Class S – Birthday Cake – 10-12 Years
Class T – Birthday Cake – 13-16 Years

The winners names can all be found here on the Cake International Website.